Key Qualities of Top CBSE Boarding Schools in Pune

The educational facilities in Pune are considered at par with any other top most city of India. The city attracts a large number of students from all over the country and abroad each year who come here in search of top quality education at affordable price. A large number of highly reputed CBSE schools find their home in Pune. Several of these schools offer boarding facilities to their students. Various boarding services provided by these schools range from day boarding, weekly boarding to yearly boarding system depending on the institute. Many of these schools are internationally acclaimed for their great infrastructure and facilities.

Some of the top most CBSE schools in Pune are:

• The Bishop’s School
• BK Birla Centre for Education
• Riverdale International School
• Shivneri School
• Orchid School

Some of the key qualities of these best CBSE boarding schools in Pune are:

1. While traditionally boarding schools were separated among the two genders with some schools offering boys only education and some others offering girls only education, most of the boarding schools in Pune are co-educational and offer separate residential facilities to girls and boys. Various activities are organised between the two groups and the students learn to co-exist and respect the other gender. These activities help the student perform better and more courteously in the outside world.

2. Facilities offered by these schools are of the most modern nature and stimulate a child to reach their fullest potential. These school campuses include vast sports grounds, great infrastructure, laboratories, libraries, and more. The playgrounds and activity centres help the students relax and enjoy their schooling process more. The libraries are open for exploration and students can look into various sections and gain knowledge that they desire outside their curriculum.

3. A residential school is not all about studies and games but also about their complete personality development. Various co-curricular and talent building activities are provided by these schools to facilitate overall development of the child. Some of these schools pride themselves in organising workshops and inviting motivational speakers to enhance the child’s soft skills and encourage socially useful productive work.

4. A large number of students from diverse backgrounds opt for residential schools in Pune. These schools provide the students top quality facilities that help in their grooming and holistic development. Student exchange programs provide them a taste of international cultures and broaden their horizon.

5. Teachers, support staff and doctors employed by these schools are constantly vigilant of the student welfare and security. Highly trained professionals are hired for the benefit of students. The schools have upgraded to CCTV campuses for better safety of the students.

The CBSE boarding schools in Pune aim to provide exceptional education to the students and provide them a well-rounded learning experience. Every year, a large number of students apply for admission in these schools. While some schools conduct admission tests, others rely on past performance of the students for granting them admission which can be very competitive and is generally on the first come and first served basis.

Apply in top CBSE School in Pune to provide top quality education at affordable price to your child.

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