Why Civil Engineering Colleges in Pune University are Popular?

Civil Engineering college in Pune university are popular for the excellent education facilities they offer. These institutes only hire well-qualified teachers who are capable to shape the golden career of students.

The work of civil engineering could be seen everywhere. Civil engineering deals with the construction and designing. John Smeaton is regarded as the father of civil engineering, who constructed the Eddystone Lighthouse. Nowadays, Pune is the city where more and more students go for pursuing their civil engineering course. Civil engineering colleges in Pune university are very popular among the students. These colleges also provide various short duration programs which are helpful in building the career in civil engineering.

Work Profile of a Civil Engineer
Civil engineers work on the maintenance of railways, pipelines, sewerage systems, roads, airports, bridges, dams and canals. Military engineering is the first oldest discipline and 2nd oldest engineering discipline is Civil Engineering. Civil engineers are responsible for designing and planning a project, maintenance of the project, and creating the project to the necessary scale. They require not only advanced engineering skills but also administrative and supervisory knowledge.

The work of civil engineers is very exciting as they construct hydroelectric dams, subway stations, high-rise buildings and bridges. That is why, a large number of students are attracted towards this field. There are a lot of civil engineering institutes situated in India, but civil engineering colleges in Pune university are gaining popularity among the students due to their excellent learning facilities. DYP College of Engineering is one fo the highly acclaimed colleges in Pune providing top class engineering education to the students. The institute provides good engineering knowledge and is equipped with all the modern facilities. The college has world class infrastructure and well qualified teaching staff for the students.

The Civil Engineering department provides both master’s and bachelor’s degree courses. The undergraduate course covers the topics like water resources, transportation, structural, geotechnical, environmental and construction engineering. Students get classroom lectures by highly qualified and seasoned professors. These teachers have hands-on work and field experience, and therefore are able to provide excellent teaching to the learners. The colleges offer opportunities to participate in many knowledgeable civil engineering projects that assist students in their professional life.

Specialization areas include:

• Water Resource Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Geotechnical Engineering
• Transportation Engineering
• Construction Engineering
• Applied Structural and Mechanics Engineering

Career Planning
Career preparation for Civil Engineering starts at high school with science stream subjects. The students should have knowledge of computer sciences, analytic geometry, trigonometry, algebra, chemistry, and physics. English skills are also significant for civil engineers as they have to attend meetings regarding their work and convey their technical ideas to those they work with. Choosing additional programs like foreign languages will also help the students in their career growth.

What are the jobs for civil engineers?
Civil Engineering is everywhere. There are so many work areas for civil engineers. A student with the degree of civil engineering can become:

• Water engineer
• Structural engineer
• Site engineer
• Quantity surveyor
• Engineering geologist
• Building services engineer
• Building control surveyor

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