50+ SEO Questions With Answers

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I am going to share the useful SEO Question which is help for interview. This is common SEO questions for the Sr. SEO, SEO Executive and SEO Manager. This SEO Question Paper will help to push the knowledge. If you have knowledge about all the SEO Questions like Practical and Theoretical then you can easily find the SEO jobs. SEO Questions will help to increase the ranking and how to rank a website in search engine by On-page SEO.  After some days I will share the all the Answers of the question which is included in the SEO Questions.

SEO Questions

  1. What is SEO?
    SEO is a process to increase a visibility of website in search engine such a Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com, MSN.com, Altvista.com and many more. A Website is visible in search engine ranking page.
  2. Why is Importance of SEO?
    It is sophisticated way to sale a product globally via electronic media. SEO is help to Increase the revenue of business and make brand in global market. Nowadays it is very important for the business purpose to make second level of business.
  3. How many types of SEO?
    SEO is mainly two type such as White hat and Back hat SEO. You can say that green hat, yellow hat, red hat, blue hat SEO. This is also part of SEO. All SEO part is define of level of spam in a web page.
  4. What is On-Page SEO?
  5. What is Off-Page SEO?
  6. Role of On Page SEO in Search engine Ranking?
  7. Role of off page SEO in Search Engine Ranking?
  8. Which one has the major role in search engine ranking On-page or Off-page describe?
  9. What is the role of Title Tag in Search engine ranking?
  10. What is the Role of Description Tag in Search engine ranking?
  11. What is Header Tag? How to write the header.
  12. How many types of header tag?
  13. How to Optimize the Image?
  14. How to Optimize the Flash?
  15. How to Optimize Content?
  16. How to optimize internal link?
  17. How to optimize link (Hyperlink)?
  18. What is Pagination?
  19. How to find keyword for business?
  20. How to Do Competitor analysis?
  21. What is Brad cram?
  22.  What is canonical issue and how to resolve?
  23. What is Keyword Density? How to find the keyword density?
  24. What is URL Optimization?
  25. What is 301 redirection?
  26.  What is 302 redirection?
  27. What are 404 errors?
  28. What is Dublin Core?
  29. What is Geo Meta Tags?
  30. What is robots.txt? How to use.
  31. What is XML Sitemaps? How to create XML Sitemaps.
  32. What is Internal Link?
  33. What is External Link?
  34. What is PageRank?
  35. What is Cache Date?
  36. What is keyword proximity?
  37. What is keyword prominent?
  38. What is cloaking?
  39. What is sneaky redirection?
  40. What is heading text or links? How to use?
  41. What is Doorway Page?
  42. What is Scraped Content?
  43. What is Top level Domain?
  44. How to do Articles Submission? How Much Keyword Density is taking EnzineArtilces?
  45. How to Do Directory submission?
  46. How to Do Bookmarking Submission?
  47.  How to Do Classified Submission?
  48. How to Do Blog?
  49. How to Do Press Release?
  50. What is SMO?
  51. List of Work in SMO.
  52. What is cross linking?

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