7 Golden Rules of Logo Design You Should Live by as a Logo Designer

A small icon called logo represents your whole brand and its philosophy. People know your brand with it. Most of us might think designing a logo is easy as it seems such a small task but there is a lot of details that goes unnoticed. Put yourself in the shoes of a logo designer for a moment. You will soon realize that there is more to a logo then color, fonts and shapes.

With clients getting more and more demanding and competition getting fiercer with each passing day, logo design company or logo designers have their work cut out. How would you survive and thrive as a logo designer in such a situation? The answer is by sticking to the basics. Here are seven golden rules of logo design that every logo designer must follow religiously.

Rules of Logo Design

1). Follow the KISS Principle 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”—Leonardo Da Vinci

Gone are the days when logo designers strive to make their logos as complex as possible by adding all the visual bells and whistles to make it stand out. Today, they take the “less is more” approach to logo design and it makes sense too. With dwindling attention span and diminishing memories, a clean, simple logo is the right choice. Look at w

KISS stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. Use KISS principle for logo design and you will able to create logos that stays in the mind and hearts of your target audience for a long time. Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest painters the world has ever seen, defines art as, “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary” and if you follow his advice, you will be able to create simple, yet appealing logos.

2). One Logo That Fits All

The days when logo was placed only on packaging, letterheads and merchandise are long gone. Today, your logo is literally everywhere, from print media to digital media. That is where the versatility of your logo comes into play. The best way to create a versatile logo is to create two different versions of it. One should be in color and other should be in black and white. Start by creating a black and white logo, as it let you focus on the concept and share of the logo instead of worrying about colors. Invert colors in your black and white logo and see whether it looks equally good as your colored logo. If you want to see how versatile logos look like, look at Apple’s logo

3). Timeless, yet Modern

Probably the most difficult rule to follow on this list is to create a logo that is both timeless and modern at the same time. When creating a logo for a brand, ask you will this logo stand the test of time? Will it be as relevant 20 years ago as it is today? In order to create a logo that stays relevant for decades, logo designers will have to buck the trend of following the latest logo design trends. The best example is the Coca-Cola and Shell logos.

4). Scalability Matters

Just like versatility, scalability of your logos is also important. Whether your logo is appearing on your social media pages, as a postage stamp or on a large size billboard on the road, it should look equally good. That is where scalability of your logo design makes all the difference. Create your logos in vector format so it can easily be scaled to any size and used on wide variety of mediums. No matter how small or big your logo is, it should not lose its essence and look equally good.

5). Infuse Graphics with Text

You will find many big brands either taking one of those two routes. Some create a text-based logo while others opt for graphic-only logos. The best logos has both graphics and text tightly knit into one another and complements one another perfectly. This makes it easy for anyone who looks at your logo to identify your company, even if they can not recognize your brand logo. MasterCard, Addidas and Amazon.com’s logo are the best example in this regard. Make sure that the text is visible by choosing the right contrasts for the logo.

6). Exclusivity

With so many brands already fighting for dominance and many more joining the battle every day, it is important to create a logo that truly makes your brand stand out from the crowd. Instead of copying, stealing ideas from other logos, it is better to pay attention to details and think out of the box. This way you will surely come up with unique logo design ideas that you can use for creating a brand logo. In addition to this, creating a unique logo makes it difficult for others to copy your logo. Although, there is nothing wrong in taking inspiration from other sources but it is better to use your visual imagination to come up with a logo that make your brand stand in a different league.

7). Stay On Top of The Mind

What does a brand want? They want to stay on top of the mind of the customers all the time. That is what a memorable logo does for a brand. It takes them one-step closer to this goal. When you create a simple and clean logo, it leaves unimpressionable marks on the hearts and minds of your target audience. They will identify your brand as soon as they glance at your brand logo anywhere. Additionally, it will stay with them for a long time to come, which lays the foundation of brand loyalty and creates brand trust and equity, which are the biggest assets for a brand.

Which one of these logo design rules do your follow and which ones do you break when creating logos? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you and value your feedback.

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