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Best Online Training Resources to learn Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most incredible marketing too but it delivers results only when used correctly by sales team. There are plenty of resources available online to improve overall programming skills. Here, we will discuss on best resources to help you in most assured way. With our best efforts and dedication, we have compiled

Top 10 free Mobile Web Browsers

Surfing the web has become an essential part of everyone’s life today and all of the want to have fast and best web browsers on all our devices. With the tech savvy and always-on-the-go generation next, everything is available on the mobile phones and we just can’t do without it. Accessing the web is a

Edu & Gov sites list for Backlink

Edu and gov both are top level domain. SEO webmaster are know that gov and edu website is superpower website for rank any website. This is also right that edu and gov websites are very trusted and high domain authority as well as old domain. Most of the webmasters are looking edu and gov sites

Why Dedicated Server is the Best Hosting Choice?

Business owners consider the benefits that they get from the various hosting platforms before they sign up with a hosting provider. They want their website to be on the top and to reach there they need to create a lasting first impression among the visitors and customers. They have to be available all the time

Wiki Sites list for Backlink

You are looking Wiki sites for link building, and then you are right place for Wiki sites. Now I am going to share wiki sites for backlink. Here you can find the Wiki sites list for link Building. You can easily use the Wiki site for backlink generation. Wiki site is very helpful for SEO

Benefits and Drawbacks of Pre-Built and Custom-Built WordPress Themes

For businesses looking forward to develop their website using a Content Management System, WordPress has become the most preferred choice. This is because WordPress has the reputation of holding maximum CMS market share compared to other content management system platforms. A number of themes and plug-ins are available on the web that helps in creating

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make per Views (1000, 10K, 1 million)

YouTube is one of the best video sharing sites over the internet around the world. YouTube pays some amount to YouTubers for Video per view. You can easily earn money from video via YouTube. YouTube pays some amount on per view according to location, keywords, video popularity, quality and video ad type. There is no

New Article Submission Sites List

Article Submission is a leading SEO off page techniques which is allowed to build high quality backlinks for better ranking in Google search engine result page. According to my opinion, approx 80% of websites are getting high quality ranking in Google because of on page SEO as well as off page techniques. Article submission is

How to Stop Auto linking URL in WordPress Comment

WordPress is a maximum uses of CMS all over the world. WordPress is an SEO friendly CMS. The user inserts the URL in the comment box as a text, WordPress automatically builds it a clickable link. This is not good techniques from SEO point of view. It may be possible to user can divert from

Google Alert Alternatives Tools

If you want to know what online users and your business competitors have to say about your website, brands and products, Google Alerts is a single online tool for providing all types of details which are done by online users. Google Alerts is a useful tool to know about your competitors’ works. Google is always