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Google Launches New AMP Testing Tool: Test Your Website Now

Google has launched AMP Testing Tool for webmaster to check the website according to mobile device and get better ranking. Nowadays, AMP is not a big factor for ranking but in future amp is big issue to rank in Google. You should check your website and make AMP friendly website for better ranking in Google.

How to Fix Encoding & Doctype Not Declared issue in Website

Encoding not Declared and Doctype Not Declared is common issue in website.  The document will render with garbled text in some browser configurations if the document contains characters from outside the US-ASCII range. You should fix this issue for better ranking. Every web page must to be declared encoding and doctype in the document or

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

If you don’t want to use your Instagram account, you can easily delete your Instagram account permanently at any time. All things is depends on you. Deleting Instagram account will delete all content from your account such as Photo, video, comment, text, friends, likes and followers. You can’t restore your deleted Instagram account. If you

How to Delete Dropbox Account Permanently

Dropbox is an online file sharing service provider which has allowed to upload, share, access and download file and folder anywhere around the world with the help of internet. You can access Dropbox account on mobile phone, desktop. Dropbox is offering mobile apps and desktop apps as well as browser based interface. Dropbox provides free

How to Increase Your YouTube Channel Subscribers and Views

Today, video marketing spread their wings in the promotion of a brand. The most famous site for publishing video is You Tube. It gives enormous opportunities to business owners who are willing to implement video marketing in their business. According to the recent statistics from eMarketer, 41% of US small businesses are using the Facebook

How to Upload Image or Video on Instagram from PC by Gramblr

Gramblr is desktop software which allows you to upload image and video on Instagram profile. There are no needs of Smartphone for use Instagram profile and publish image. You can easily use Instagram profile without phone. Download the Gramblr software from ( and install in your desktop. Open ( this in your web browser and

How to Create Robots.txt file for SEO

What is Robots.txt? Robots.txt or robots exclusion protocol is a notepad file, which is created by website owner or webmaster for communication between website and search engine crawlers. Basically website owner create robots.txt file to instruct web crawler, how to crawl or index web page on their website. Robots.txt is a part of the website.

How to link Google Analytic to Google AdSense or Ad Exchange (DFP)

Google is adding a new feature in Google analytics under behavior section that’s called publisher which offers Google AdSense and ad exchange report. You can easily check the Google AdSense and Doubleclick report in Google analytics. There is no need to login in Google AdSense and DFP account daily for check earning report. Google goal

How to Fix Canonical Issue with .htaccess Code on Your Website

What is Canonical issue? Canonical issue (Canonicalization) is the method of picking the best website url when there are multiple choices, and it usually refers to root pages. For example: https:// https://www. https:// https:// Most of the webmaster would consider these the same url, but technically all

How to Install and Setup Google Tag Manager in WordPress?

Before start how to install and setup Google tag manager in WordPrees, one need to know about WordPress. WordPress refers as an online website creation tool which is written in PHP language. It is one of the easiest ways for online website creation. Additionally, WordPress is an open source website creation tool. What is a