How are you all? My Name is Manchun Pandit. I was born in India. I am a professional SEO Expert in Delhi NCR, India. I am the Founder of CyberDesign complete Web Designing & Digital Marketing Services, Internet marketing blog Flickspoint & founder of Hindi blogging Blogchowk. I have 7+ Years Experience in SEO & Digital Marketing Field with strong knowledge of Social Media Marketing, Search engine Marketing, Search engine Optimization, Local Marketing, Ecommerce website Optimization, Business Promotion, Web promotion, WordPress Website Optimization, Joomla Website Optimization, Magento SEO and Opencart..

What a website or business owner wants? Generate more web traffic on website, leads, revenue and brand popularity in Market. What I am providing for website owner, promote website in the Google, Yahoo, Bing search engine to generate Maximum Traffic on website, Quality Leads, Revenue and brand popularity.

Working Experience

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I am working as a Digital Marketing Manager in Janbask LLC as a part time & working as SEO Consultant for various clients. Key responsibility area: Website Analysis, Competitor Analysis, webmaster & analytic analysis, Keyword Research, Blogging, Guest posting, Reporting, Error analysis, fix website error, reporting and many more.

I have been working as Digital Marketing & SEO Manager in Cyberworx Technologies Private Limited since Jan 2013 to Feb 2016. Key Responsibility Area’s: Website Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Regular Website Health Checks using by Webmaster and other online tool. Fixing website error and on page error using by Google and Yahoo Webmaster tool, analyse website traffic by Google Analytic for better result. Direct interacted with client and send report and manage team.

I have been working as Sr. SEO Specialist & Team Leader in SAI WebTel Technologies (P) Limited since Oct 2011 to Dec 2012. Key Responsibility Area’s: Keyword Analysis by the Use of Google Keyword Planner tool and SEMrush and many more. Website analysis, competitor analysis, on page SEO, Integrate webmaster and analytic tool, fix website error according the SEO, 301 redirection, and direct interact with client and monthly reporting and check work report.

I had been working as SEO Executive & Link Builder in vAngelz Technologies P. Ltd since March 2010 to Oct 2011. Key Responsibility Area’s: Link Building, off page Activities (Article, Press release, Forums, Directory, social Bookmarking, Guest post, Blogging and many more.), Keyword Ranking Report, analysis Google analytic traffic, webmaster analysis, resolve website error and many more.

I had been working as Link builder in Media Mosaic since Nov 2009 Feb 2010. Key responsibility Area’s: Link Building by Chat, One way link building, Two Link Building and three way link Building, contextual link building and directory submission and many more.

SEO Portfolio

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The New SEO Techniques

SEO is a very dominant factor in the online market as it helps a website in attaining good rank in the search engine. Earlier SEO was quite easy to handle as it just included keyword stuffing in content and headings, adding a meta description, etc. and people used to do that just by reading blogs and articles. But to maintain good ranking today in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, one must be updated about all the latest algorithms and ranking factors that are followed by SEO Experts worldwide and helping them grow. Google is always changing its SEO Guidelines and needs to follow those intelligent search algorithms carefully. Unless one follows proper SEO Process and strategy, it is impossible to achieve the top rank in Google. We share with you some of the important strategies to follow today to have good SEO ranking.

Google constantly updates its search algorithms so that they achieve the most relevant results and fight spam to assign ranks to websites. At times, some of the websites gain good rank for a short phase of time, but then their ranking drops and it is not easy to get back to the old good rank. Google keeps a strict check whether the website is following best practices to keep up the rank or not. So, it becomes very crucial to update and follow the latest SEO practices.

Typical SEO Process

Most of the people follow the typical SEO Process and do not achieve the desired results of high SEO Ranking. The following process is followed while going through the typical SEO Process:-

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Competition Analysis
  3. SEO Audit
  4. On-page SEO Optimization
  5. Off-page Optimization
  6. Measure Traffic and Rankings

New SEO Process

The SEO Process has changed over the years and the strategies used earlier may not be worthy now. By using the old tactics of ranking, one not is able to achieve the expected results now and it can be useless for them. An SEO Expert has to be multi-talented today as he has to play the role of a digital strategist, social media marketer, a content strategist, conversion rate optimizer and a PR specialist, as well. Below is some of the latest SEO Techniques one must follow to improve on the ranking of their existing site or a new website:-

Step 1: Advanced Keyword Research

This is surely the most important and the first step in the SEO process as it helps you to understand what exactly the users or your target viewers are looking for. It’s very important to know what is the requirement of your target customers. There has to be a root keyword (also known as the seed keyword) that makes the base of the content and to start off. One must research the keywords based on its customer demography, their intent, and interest and the network. There are various free and paid tools available for keyword research like SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Eye, Uber Suggest, Keyword Suggestion tool, etc. The following points should be taken care of while looking for keywords:-

  • Begin with long-tail and low competition keywords
  • Use Google Auto-complete to get an elaborate list
  • Prefer Google related search

Step 2: Competition Analysis and Website Audit

The next step is to analyze your competition and audit your website. This is very important to enlist the activities happening on-page and off page. Most of the SEO professionals ignore this and move ahead. Though Website Audit and Assessment is a difficult process but it is essential for good SEO and contributes to the good ranking of the site on Google. There are many paid tools available for Website Audits like SEOProfiler for website audit and for assessment.

Step 3: Site or On-page Optimization

Today, if one thinks that simply by adding keywords and creating a keyword-rich content will help your site gain the first position, it is not true. Google is constantly updating and introducing intelligent algorithms to make the ranking more genuine. Some of the tips to be taken care of while doing on-page optimization are as follows:-

  • Writing original and useful content
  • Providing valuable information rather than just stuffing keywords
  • Proper Site Structure and URL Structure
  • Quick Loading time of the website
  • Developing mobile-friendly sites
  • Regularly updating the website

Also, it is important to have tools for scheduling and tracking of social media activities. This can be done using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. Rank Brain is another Google Algorithm that gives importance to social media for ranking a site in Google.

Step 4: Link Building and Off-page Optimization

It is important to add links to other sites to gain good rank and also support your content, as it helps in building more trust. But by simply creating links is not that useful. Rather one must earn links from authority websites and also they must be relevant. By adding links to poor quality websites that have very thin content, it will not add in gaining ranks. So make a judicious choice of links during off-page optimization. Building links with Social media sites and sending out Press Releases is also an essential strategy to have good SEO rank.

Step 5: Monitor your Rank and Update the Content

SEO is not a one-time task but one needs to constantly update their content and keep creating new content with time. One needs to be vigilant about their site and keep tracking its rank, else it may slip down and you will find your competitor’s site in place of yours. So one must constantly update their content to maintain good rank. Tools like SEMRush, SEOProfiler, Webceo are very useful to monitor website ranking.

Step 6: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

This strategy is not very commonly used but plays a very important role in the new SEO process at least. SEO and CRO engineers should perform their tasks respectively and the SEO analysts should not be burdened with the CRO task. The role of a CRO analyst is to run A/B tests, Usability Tests and lot more.

So, the main goal of an SEO expert should be to create websites that are favorable for the customers and they should not be simply targeting the Search Engine Ranking. The best way to achieve good SEO Rank is to follow the above steps and focus on the client’s requirements.

Benefits of SEO to successfully run online business

This is the era of digitally marketing the business and one of the most important ways to do so is through SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to have guaranteed top ranking in the Google Search Engine. Since everyone is online these days, so all the businesses and their websites want that their link should be placed on the front page of Google Search engine and this task is the responsibility of an SEO expert. Everyone wants that their content marketing strategy should be able to draw customers and for that the web pages should have superior content along with interesting media.

To have amazing and attractive websites, it should look fabulous, be informative and educational. Many people just focus on great designs and updated features on their websites, and that can be handled well by Designers and developers, respectively. But in order to see your website link on the top page of a search engine, one needs to go for SEO and the task should be handled only by an expert SEO agency having professional and expertise team to handle the task efficiently. This is the most important part of product promotion or service promotion and ultimately generate leads, calls and revenue in turn. A program called “spiders” is used that crawls the web systematically while identifying the website pages. The data that has been culled is then co piled and analyzed to determine the relevance of your web page in the particular niche. So, SEO is a very aspect of any website and this crucial task should be assigned to an SEO agency or experts who master in this domain and can get fruitful results.

Listed below are some of the key benefits of SEO that can be enjoyed by all businesses, be it big or small:-

SEO Consultant Delhi Increase in Traffic

To get a significant increase in the traffic of your website, it is important that they get hold of top positions on the search engine so that they receive the majority of impressions and clicks. Apart from this, SEO also creates title tags and meta descriptions that are informative and relevant to the keyword. By having properly optimized tags and descriptions, there will be an increase in CTR (Click Trough Rate) which in turn increases qualified web traffic.

SEO Consultant Delhi ROI (Return on Investment)

Irrespective of the fact that your’s is an e-commerce or a non-e-commerce site, SEO provides trackable and quantifiable results, so getting a profitable ROI(Return on Investment) is sure. All aspects of the SEO strategy can be monitored in an effective manner, be it increase in rankings, traffic or conversions. Comprehensive analytics can also provide the capability to drill down at a granular level and check demographic information and engagement metrics of all the website visitors.

SEO Consultant Delhi Effective Cost

It is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies as it targets users who are looking for online products and services actively. Since SEO has inbound nature it is very helpful to businessmen in cost saving as compared to outbound strategies like cold-calling. SEO can generate 61% more leads as compared to outbound strategy. Also, the traffic that comes out tp be a result of SEO is more qualified and hence more cost saving.

SEO Consultant Delhi Increase site usability

Easily navigable websites are preferred by search engines and make it more user-friendly.SEO can re-arrange the architecture of the site and links so that the page becomes easy to navigate for both, users and search engines as well.

SEO Consultant Delhi Brand Awareness

Being on the top ranks definitely, adds a significant impression to your website and your site gets more exposure. If your website appears on the top ranks and at the first page itself, the customers can associate in a better way with the brand and it can instill trust in the customers mind. This increases the chance of increasing the customer traffic.

Client rating is 4.8 out of 5.0 for Manchun by 70+ Clients on over 110+ Projects
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